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Who is Shocker?

My "real" name is Michael Shockley, but most IceMen Maniacs know me as "Shocker." (Obviously a play on my last name, it's a nickname that dates back to my days volunteering for the USI Ice Eagles hockey club.) I wear many hats for the IceMen, mostly on a voluntary basis...

I created and moderate the Fan Forum. I'm the Music Director at all IceMen home games. I created and maintain the IceMen YouTube Channel. I also created and update the IceMen Fan Groups on Facebook and MySpace, and I maintain the official IceMen Facebook page. I write the game-night scripts used by our PA Announcer, Stephen Rickard. I do a few other things too, but those are the big ones. I do all of that voluntarily because I love the sport of hockey and I really do enjoy it, and if I can help others enjoy it too, then that's pretty awesome. And starting in the summer of 2010, I also took over the IceMen website - the only "job" I have with the team that actually pays me a few bucks, but it's a labor of love as well!

I'm originally from Indianapolis, where I grew up a fan of the Indianapolis Ice. I moved to Evansville in 1999 to attend USI, and decided to stay after graduating in 2003. I married my longtime best friend Amanda in 2008, and she now volunteers as Official Scorekeeper for the IceMen. We're both big sports fans, and we also enjoy turning our overworked brains off and escaping into the crazy world of pro wrestling. (We actually met at Buffalo Wild Wings through mutual friends while watching WrestleMania in 2001.) And yes, we know it's "fake" but we enjoy the entertainment it provides anyway!

We don't have any kids (yet), but we do have a cat named Dipstick. I work at Keller Crescent on the Whirlpool account, writing the owner's manuals for refrigerators. It's thrilling work, let me tell you. (It's also how I met IceMen Maniacs Booster Club President Dixie "Gibbie" Halber, who used to work at Keller Crescent as well.) Meanwhile, Amanda's a lawyer, so if you live in the state of Indiana and need legal counsel, drop her a line at [email protected]!

Hockey has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My parents started dragging me to games when I was 2 or 3. I started playing at the age of 5, and continued to do so until the end of high school. (I had NHL scouts tell me I could end up playing pro, but I had to stop playing due to sustaining multiple concussions.) I served as a USA Hockey referee for 6 or 7 years as well. I started covering the Ice Eagles for The Shield (USI's campus newspaper), and eventually became Music Director and Webmaster for the team. My experience doing the music for USI helped me get my foot in the door with the IceMen, and I've picked up my other "duties" along the way. My hope is to get a full-time paying job with the team in the future, since working in hockey in some fashion has been my dream pretty much since I strapped on my first pair of skates.

If anyone has any questions about the IceMen or hockey in general, or about me personally, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]. (Yes, I'm a weather nut - I'm even a National Weather Service certified storm spotter.) Thanks for reading, and GO ICEMEN!!!